Normandy is a beautilful region to live an exceptional corporate event

Corporate event in Normandy

Normandy has a very interesting history. Actually, it was a Viking area before being a part of the French Kingdom and has also played an important role in the 2nd World War with the Allies landing in 1944.

The architecture in Normandy is diverse, you can find traces of the Roman Age, Gothic Arts or even New Age. Furthermore, several monuments are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO such as the Mont Saint Michel.

Thanks to all these elements and the developed MICE sector in the region, your DMC Normandy will organise you a memorable corporate events for your colleagues.

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Your DMC France will allow you to discover the countryside of Normandy with many charming villages, old castles, sandy beaches, lush pastures, rocky cloves and cliffs. Moreover, the region has a very important religious past which results in the possibility to visit numerous beautiful religious buildings like abbeys or cathedrals during your business trip.

You have the occasion during your trip to see others essential sites :

  • Deauville
  • Honfleur
  • Etretat cliffs
  • Bayeux tapestry

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